q. Can I buy a bike from Worth?

a. Yes. All bikes are completely bespoke and built to order.

q. How much do the motorcycles cost?

a. Because every bike is built to order, the budget of each build is determined by the buyer.

q. Is Worth an IRS registered 501(c)(3)?

a. Yes. This can be confirmed by utilizing the IRS's Exempt Organizations Select Check (here). Select Check is an online database maintained by the IRS that allows users to search the federal tax status of exempt organizations. Our EIN is 46-0632154.

q. Does that mean that these motorcycles are tax deductible?

a. Yes. A buyer's tax deduction is based on the amount over market value paid for the bike. In other words, if we sell a bike for $30k but the bike's market value is only $10k, the tax deduction is based on a percentage of the difference ($20k). The percentage is based on your tax bracket.

q. How do I get involved? How can I support Worth?

a. There are a number of different ways to get involved. If at all possible, consider making a monetary or material (motorcycles, tools, machinery, etc.) donation (you can donate here). When, however, this is not an option, perhaps volunteering time (i.e., lending a hand at the shop) and/or professional services (i.e., a graphic artist might assist on a logo, a lawyer could counsel, etc.) is.

q. Where is the shop?

a. We're located in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.

q. Can I stop by?

a. Of course. Just call or email to schedule a visit.

q. Where do you find the kids who participate in the program?

a. We work with local charter schools that operate in educationally under-served communities.

q. How are participants selected?

a. Individuals between the ages of 14-24 who meet at-risk criteria are interviewed, and then selected based on goodness-of-fit.

q. Will Worth train individuals from outside this demographic?

a. This will be decided on a case by case basis. Please email jeremy@worthmotorcycles.org to inquire.