Combat Zone

Worth Motorcycle Company is not about motorcycles. We facilitate social and cultural equity by providing marginalized men and women an opportunity to acquire various skill-sets; skill-sets typically required to thrive in any environment- social, occupational, educational, and otherwise. In order to achieve this, we encourage students to broaden their worldviews by being amenable to something new. While this may not seem like much to many, the truth is, the better majority of us have not tried something new, nor attempted to do something different, in a long, long, long time. Unfortunately, this makes sense. It's hard to do something different, even when change is obviously needed. Different is hard because it's couched humility. In this context, humility can be described as an individual's willingness to acknowledge that someone else could be right. Also making different hard: hope. If you're changing, it's only because you're hopeful regarding the potential outcomes. And where there's hope, there's vulnerability, and vulnerability can be plain old dangerous for our students. With that said, nothing is any more dangerous than the way things are today for these kids.