Worth Motorcycle Company, Inc. is a nonprofit organization teaching New York City’s at-risk youth and young offenders the art of vintage motorcycle restoration.

We are an evidence-based initiative whose aim is to not only impart vulnerable young people with the various social and professional competencies required to excel within the specialized field of vintage motorcycle restoration, but to also facilitate cultural equity and occupational viability to historically marginalized communities.

The 48-52 week training is offered at no cost to participants or their families. The personalized, hands-on, teaching strategy promotes generalizable, or real-world, skill-sets, including effective decision-making, conflict resolution, and occupational preparedness.

Worth adheres to a practical (hands-on), evidence-based model with measurable outcomes. Evidence-based practice eliminates many of the barriers (i.e., cultural bias, marginalization, ethnocentrism, etc.) to successful outcomes experienced by a disproportionate percentage of disenfranchised young people. In the absence of these barriers, participants are significantly more likely to successfully navigate the challenges of the training program.

The training program offered by Worth is not unlike an apprenticeship where practical, hands-on learning is emphasized in a very personalized environment.  However, while our technical supervisors do indeed teach participants to restore vintage-era motorcycles, simultaneously, they encourage the development of vital social skills (i.e., effective decision-making, conflict resolution, problem solving, etc.) required to excel in any environment.

Successful applicants receive 48-52 weeks of comprehensive vocational training. During which, all program participants will perform, at least, one complete, top to bottom, motorcycle build.

School aged individuals (<18 yo) are expected to complete no less than 10,  but no more than 15 hours of training every week.

There is no cost for participating in the vocational training program offered by Worth.